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  • M40 Stock Ready to Finish Grade 2


    If you want an M40 stock with the hard work done to it, this is the product for you.  For the first time, we are offering folks the opportunity to purchase an M40 profiled stock that is just a few steps away from completion.

    What these stocks have:

    - The correct external shapes and dimensions

    - A CNC inlet barrel channel that is drop in ready for your Remington 700 Short Action Receiver and Remington Varmint Contoured barrel.

    - Ejection port cut and bolt handle relief cut.

    - Buttstock is cut flat.

    What these stocks need:

    - Inlet for a trigger guard/bottom metal

    - Brass trigger reinforcement pin (if you are wanting to stay with the M40 spec)

    - Butt stock contour and buttplate (if you are wanting to install a curved 16601 buttplate which would be correct for M40 spec). 

    - Oil/Finish

    All of these M40 Grade 2 stocks are machined from good ole fashion American Black Walnut.  The photo shown is to serve as a visual aid to display the level of completion of our Grade 2 stocks.  Your actual stock will be selected at random.