Home of Precision Crafted M40 Stocks and the world's finest DBMs

I started shooting around the age of 12 and over the past 25 years have tried many different disciplines in the shooting world.  I started with skeet, and have shot 3-Gun, pistol competitions and most recently I have developed a passion for long range shooting.

The products that I have available are born out of necessecity.  Being a huge fan of the Marine Corps Scout Sniper M40 series of rifles, I sat out on a quest to build replicas of the M40, M40A1, M40A3 and M40A5.  I decided to build them in the order they were released.  So I started with the M40.  As I started to research, I quickly found that the stock was the single hardest component to source.  There was one company manufacturing a reasonable facsimile, but the quality was poor at best.  Splits in the wood from not starting with properly aged and dried wood and stocks that were twisted to the point that they were unusable.  I spoke with the only other gentleman that was making a replica stock and was encouraged that he was interested in selling a few to me.  I told him I would take 6.  I asked when he would be able to ship and he told me about 9 months!  That wasn't going to work.  So I took a stock from a Remington M40 rifle and had a local company 3D scan that stock, create a solid file and produce a sample from their file.  They nailed it.  The scan was so accurate that it even picked up the grain in the wood stock.  I purchased a CNC router and began making the finest reproduction M40 stocks on the market.